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Thank you Iglu! What’s next?

13th of January, 2014 I had a flight from Rzeszów (Poland) to London. I left my previous Software Developer role in Software Mind to grow my carrier in other country. 2 weeks later I started my first UK based job in Iglu.com LTD, a travel agency who specialise in Ski and Cruise holidays.

My work at Iglu

Since then it was only hard and challenging job to fulfil business requirements. Thanks to my co-workers we introduced many new technologies to keep company growing and make our lives easier. We built many new websites, moved several components to AWS and lunched few new products.

Several months ago, I decided to leave Iglu. That decision wasn’t easy, because I met many great people there with who hopefully I’ll stay in touch for years.

Many people asked me, why?

Is it money?


No challenges?

None of above.

Iglu is a great company and offers great benefits for employers, however, at the end of day it’s travel agency. It’s best in UK in what it does, which is selling Ski and Cruise holidays. Unfortunately, it won’t start offering financial or insurance services. It won’t start streaming video services online. It won’t change it’s domain, because there’s no business reason for that.

Yes, that’s the problem. Most (mature) developers these days are looking for challenges, new technologies, new domains, new businesses where they could help and grow their experience. The same is with me. I’m looking for new challenges, new technologies, new domains where I could gain more experience.

Now, I would like to say Thank You to all my collegues from Iglu who I met during my time there. It was really a pleasure to work with you guys. I’m sure I’ll never forget you and I hope you’ll still work hard to keep this company growing! Stay in touch!

What’s next?

My plan is to move to contracting. New role/job every several months. In my opinion that’s the best idea to squize as much exprience as you can from our short lifes.

At the moment, I’m in the process of looking for my first contract role. I’ll see how it’s gonna work for me.

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