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2016 is over. Plans and goals for 2017.

2016 is coming to the end. I’ve read a lot of summaries of what people have done in 2016 or want to do in the coming year. I also decided to prepare something like that. To help myself check at the end of 2017 what have been done and what not.

2016 is over

Throughout this whole year I worked in Iglu.com as a Technical Lead. Sometimes it was good, sometimes not, but I’m sure the people with whom I worked are satisfied with what we’ve achieved this year. I am also pleased with my progress, and what I’ve managed to do this year.

Several closed projects. Thousands of lines of code. Hundreds read articles. Tens read books or watched courses. Some small “pet” projects of which only one, I managed to continue – private blog.

2017 – plans and goals

2017 will surely be a year full of challenges. The first reason of why this year will be different is the fact that in a month time I’m leaving Iglu.com. It’s the first company I’ve been working for since my move to UK, nearly three years ago. I’m sure one day I’m going to write a post about my experiences in this place.

My first goal is to work as a .NET consultant and find at least two companies in 2017 where I’ll be able to improve myself and my skills. If you read it and want to help, please get in touch 🙂

The second goal is to confirm my qualifications in using Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

The first certificate I would like to get is AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate. I already have some experience in this topic, watched many courses, read articles etc…  I don’t expect major problems passing it.

The second certificate, in my opinion more difficult, is MCSD: Azure Solutions Architect. This certificate consists of 3 exams about cloud technology – Microsoft Azure. I’ve got no practical experience at all and that’s why it’ll be more challenging than the previous one.

Another goal for next year is to write at least 52 blog post – one per week. So far, one post per week is not a big problem. I hope, I’ll be able to post the same at the end of 2017.

The final goal is to start investments, which in the long term will allow me to quit full time job. I already have some plans and I’m gathering information on how to move forward. Unfortunately, at the moment I don’t want to share more. Maybe in the future – who knows 🙂

That’s all about me and my plans for next year. I hope I’ll be able to realize them all and by the end of 2017 point them back here.

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